Thursday, 1 November 2012


It's been a while.
I don't know why I have the phrase 'As camp as Christmas' stuck in my head, but I do.

Such is life.

Ever feel like you have too many thoughts in your head that you just need to get them out in any shape or form IMMEDIATELY lest they be forgotten?
And its always at inappropriate moments, usually when I'm on plane (which is where I actually wrote this post) in a car or anywhere else that I normally don't have a pen to hand or I'm meant to be doing something else...
Usually working in a bar. When its quiet, which it frequently is, I find my head full of ideas for designs, posts and photos. Eating the forbidden bar snacks is one thing but even my manager might take affront if I whipped out the ol' sewing machine and started embroidering a pair of culottes.

ANYWAY; so I'm on the plane home from America (or I was 2 days ago) sad face.
We've been visiting family in Cleveland,Ohio which means a two hour flight to Atlanta and then a further 9 hours to Manchester AND THEN an extra train journey back to London. Oh the joys.

Did I mention I get travel sick?

Touch wood I've not thrown up (yet) and as luck would have it I've found a pen and notepad in my bag so I can spend the 14 plus hours travelling time to catch up on some writing.
Blogging has been verrrrryyyy lax as of late. There just aren't enough hours in the day.
I read somewhere once that blogs must be nurtured and 'tended to' daily. Like a house plant. Ha. If that's true then mine would resemble that shriveled dead thing that resides on every students windowsill. Bought for them by a well meaning parent who read that plants oxygenate a room therefore stimulating brain activity. Sadly most of these things get watered with a mixture of vodka and gin thus rendering their healing powers somewhat compromised...

So let us assume these next few posts, in no particular chronological order, will be like some sort of miracle grow baby bio life-giving tonic to my poor withered blog....

And to tie in with the journeying theme here are my top travelling tips:

  1. Plan ahead - choose your underwear carefully. There's nothing worse than a nine hour wedgie
  2. Sit wisely - the baby that was so cute on take off? five hours of screaming later, not so much
  3. Invest in a bear scarf - its a travel essential. Hood + scarf + pillow = comfort at 30, 000 ft
  4. Eat skittles on take off - not only will sucking on sweets stop your ears from popping but if you do throw up at least it will be a nice color:) 

Happy travels! 


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