Thursday, 15 November 2012


This morning I went to the gym. Complete with no make, scraped back hair and old leggings. Pretty sure I still had crease marks from the pillow on my cheek.
Nevertheless I actually got CHATTED UP (!) a guy came over to me and asked the time, unfortunately for him I was sweating away to Rhianna and didn't hear. So as I removed an earphone thinking he worked there and was about to tell me I was using the machine wrong or that I'd split a seam (they are o.l.d leggings) and my bum was on show he actually used this infamous line....

'Do you come here often?'
I thought that was a question of legend, never actually asked to real life people in 2012. We are the social media generation after all. I've come to view a re tweet as romantic...

Funny thing is, I really don't go there often as I'd 'borrowed' my friends membership card. But that's neither here nor there. Not an appropriate response in this situation, I feel.

So, as I WIPED SWEAT FROM MY EYES, yes read that again. Not the most alluring of actions. He says 'you're really beautiful'

firsty, WTF?!
but secondly, it made me think that no matter how shit we feel we look, how fat, how ugly, how short, how tall it's more than likely not as bad as we think.
And no matter what, there's probably someone out there who thinks we look beautiful.

I'm not saying these people will even be remotely attractive themselves (sadly) and its not guaranteed that they won't be a tiny bit strange, but it's nice to get a compliment, right?

Saying that it was probably just these bad boys that did it;

You said it B


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