Thursday, 3 May 2012


Just a quickie (ooer) for you today dear readers and avid fans...(hoho)

I was discussing hairstyles in work recently and began to reminisce about the weird, awful and sometimes very ill-advised hairstyles I have sported over the years...
And as pastels are in for the summer, it seems like the new way to wear them is in your hair;

Re. Lauren Conrad

May God strike me down with his lightning bolts but I've jumped on el bandwagon and put in some baby blue streaks, albeit temporary ones...

Now because I am busy like the proverbial bee, here's a trip down my hair-memory lane

*WARNING! images may be shocking for some readers, if you feel disturbed by anything you see from here on in, count to ten, have a cup of tea, and never, NEVER decide to get a new haircut/style/colour on a whim*

Green hair. Aka 'snot head'

Decided to get all one side cut off, to look like a lesbian apparently

Home dye was then purple blue and white until my hair snapped off :/

God only knows why I thought this was a good was in Uni. I was probably drunk

Ok, so this one was a wig...


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