Sunday, 16 September 2012


Day 3 at London Fashion Week, here's a brief update;

Number of shows watched, 6
'Celebrities' spotted, 5
Hours spent writing, 72
Number of coffee's consumed, about 1000

Everything I'm writing is up on Glam, have a look at some of my show reports and general goings on! (urgh, excuse the use of exclamation mark there)

Who knew looking at pretty clothes and hanging out in a posh suite at the One Aldwych Hotel could be quite so stressful?
It is amazing experience though, and if I didn't love all things 'fashion' I'd definitely be in bed right now rather than uploading show images and writing reviews.

There are SO many weird and wonderful outfits, crazy hairstyles and ingenious use of studs and pompoms around, as well as the utterly flawless fashionable crowd who when you get up close to still look like they've been airbrushed in real life, that you can feel a little bit out of place. But then I've been so busy trying to make it to shows, getting lost, and forgetting the battery to the camera (MAJOR FAIL) that you completely forget what you look like and who you're wearing (in my case George @ ASDA and H! by Henry Holland)
So today is all about comfort, comfort and more comfort.

I'm sorry heels, but its back of the wardrobe for you.

My feet sneaking onto the grass covered catwalk for a quick photo opportunity after the Jasper Conran show. Was told to get off it pretty soon after.

Peace Out 

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