Monday, 26 November 2012


In approximately 16 days time I shall be hosting a launch party for my own design label, Little Shirley Beans.

*cue wild panicking*

Don't get me wrong, I love a good list. And a good party. AND clothes. So it all seems right up my street. I'm just terrified that no one will turn up, or that people won't like my stuff or that I won't be able to think of any new designs or a million and one other things that could go wrong...
I think I've not had enough sleep (too much wild, wild partying at the weekend) so I'm feeling all edgy and weird today.

I'm in danger of doing that really annoying thing of having loads of stuff to do and instead of actually doing any of it, just panicking about it until its too late.

Om. Om. Om.
Be calm.

I'm sending myself to bed early tonight in order to GET A GRIP and have any chance of pulling this thing off. (Look at that spontaneous use of capitals, its happening already)

So before I go and hyperventilate into a paper bag the important details are;

Little Shirley Beans Launch Party
Wednesday 12th December, 6:30pm
Revive London, 268 Holloway Road
Collars,cakes and cocktails!

If you live in London come and say hello. please.
Or just share this with anyone who likes vintage clothes and has a penchant for cupcakes

wish me luck! 


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