Thursday, 30 August 2012


(apologies for the title, I've been watching SATC. That episode is particularly resonant though..and if there's anything I've learnt in my whole 23 years of being on earth its to be happy with yourself, and not to depend on someone else to validate your life.
We're single and fabulous, exclamation mark) 

I have also taken to saying 'I will NEVER care', thanks to its introduction to my life by one quarter of my core four* 
I can see this being like the 'BORED' shout from my first year in uni...that one was spread far and wide. 
So everyone start using it. Especially in times of Relationship Drama, there's just no comeback. 

“I wanted to take on the taboo of sweetness, which is one of the greatest qualities in women. But if you are not aggressive too? How can that work, for a woman?” Miuccia Prada

In other news I am an official London resident. Day 3 and the flat, aka the new beaver headquarters,  is looking quite cosy…it’s no penthouse in Mayfair granted, but a damn sight better than the horror house that was 13 Booth Avenue; complete with old sock nailed to the skirting board and a shed door on the shower. It makes me think that as students we were a breed of sub humans that could put up with any amount of mould, damp and dirt OR my other theory (which is probably much closer to the truth) is that we spent the majority of our student years in an alcohol induced stupor…numbing our senses to horrific surroundings…those were the days *wipes tear*

Our first few days have been pretty eventful, I’ve got myself a job (woo) and an internship doing fashion related stuff (double woo), we’ve already had a break in by two cats who we have affectionately named Samson and Delilah, and courtesy of my flatmates very nice dad we have the BIGGEST TV YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

I didn’t realise how big 47 inches was in real life, that is it looked big on the Internet but now I’m sitting next to it I think it’s actually bigger than one of our couches. I had to ask the surly delivery man to carry it upstairs for me. He wasn’t happy.
But now we can watch in 3D! and when we’re only about half a metre away from the screen anyway that could prove interesting…

(Note to self: DO NOT mention where we live)

What the flat really needs now is a pet. I may have mentioned this before but I LOVE PUGS. I really want one. I’ve even decided on its name; I’ll get a boy one and name him Gatsby. However they do cost about 50million pounds which I don’t have (yet) so in the mean time I’ll settle for our new feline mates and this kawaii top from River Island

Take a look here at it in action via my LookBook page…the collar I’m wearing is one of my own designs.

So now I've wasted a lot of time writing this instead of applying for jobs. Until next time folks...


  1. I'm glad 'I will never care' is catching on, I am proud to say it was me who introduced it to one of your core four, originally it came from my friend Rachel Grant, I think we should start saying Trademark Rachel Grant at the end of it because it spreading around Europe quickly, could be the next big money-maker, Trademarked Comebacks...

  2. I salute you, Rachel Grant

    Also, when dealing with obnoxious, pretentious individuals who have long and self involved stories feel free to shout 'BORED' before you walk away. Its very liberating