Thursday, 19 April 2012


'Helloooo? Is it me you're looking for?!' 

I haven't had much time to 'blog' recently, or at least upload anything more substantial than Justin Bieber's face photo shopped onto a pickle, not because I've been busy leading an exciting, glamorous life but mainly because I've been in work, the office or asleep.
It's very annoying.

One thing I have been busy with over the Easter hols is filming a short film on Super 8 for a competition. I actually got to say 'that's a wrap' when it was finished but didn't have a clapperboard like in the moooovies. Just as well really as we were in the middle of town and were getting a few funny looks already. It's about the life of a tree. Coming to cinemas near you....

Inspired by our retro Super 8 camera and listening to a lot of Billie Holiday, I've been channelling 1940s pearls, twinsets and up do's this week

Along with Barry M's awesome green-but-comes-out-pink lipstick. Small things and all that...

My top (mint green fine knit and lace jumper from H&M) was hunted out from the usually uncharted sale territory for the fine sum of £7. It was the colour that caught my eye, the same pastel green that I've been lusting after recently and mentioned in a previous post. Like a magpie scouting out milk bottle tops I was over to that rail quicker than a rat up a drainpipe. Huzzah! in my size too. It surely was meant to be <3

If, like me, you've spent abarr 50 million years growing your hair only to then decide you want to wear it in a particular style i.e. the 1940s victory curl, that requires a specific haircut, never fear! All you need is a bun ring cut in half or an old pair of tights.
I really wanted the rockabilly/1940s pin curl look but after doing some research it seemed like the best way to get this look was to cut my hair so the top would be shorter, and ergo, more easy to style. 'Balls to that!' I thought. I have not endured countless Bad Hair Day's and months of the evil in-between-stage to cut it all off on a whim. And knowing myself like I do, I'll probably want it totally different next week.
So! to satisfy my craving I fashioned a fake bouffant by cutting a bun ring in half, rolling the lenght of my hair around it, pinning it in place and then leaving the end bit to roll up into the 'curl' from whence the style gets it's name.
I have on good authority that this look can also be achieved using a rolled up pair of tights. To date I'm yet to try this one...

Another iconic look of the era is the headscarf, as superbly modelled by Beyonce in her video for Why Don't You Love Me? *takes a moment to fantasise about Beyonce*
Its also particularly handy for when in a rush as the bun ring curly thing does take a bit of practise,

I found this lovely specimen in a Parisian boutique.

I've also been playing with my camera whenever I get a chance, here are a few snaps I took in work yesterday. Looking to sign up for a photography course next week so expect some better pics soon!

Moody pencils

Lots of nibs

Alas now I must end this ramble and go deal with real world stuff :( or maybe just make cupcakes. Yes, that seems preferable.

Before I sign off I leave you with this sobering thought: Is there anything more disappointing than an insubstantial muffin?

Sort it out Tesco


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