Sunday, 30 December 2012


Yule tide greetings of festiveness and obesity to one and all!
Did we all have a nice Christmas? Once again I haven't had time to write for aggges. After the launch party for Little Shirley Beans (read all about it here) Christmas was upon us faster than you can say "I'm carrying a little holiday weight" and I was home to Liverpool for a lovely restful few days with the family, and some not so restful nights with the friends (Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan being among them) before I was hot footing it back to London to serve the eternally grateful (ha) east end public their much needed booze.

Its Christmas. People NEED alcohol.

Santa brought me a lovely retro-esque sewing box with lots of pins and thimbles and buttons and shiny things to keep me amused in the New Year. He also got me the perfect grey jumper from H&M that I've been searching for for what seems like an eternity, you may have seen me wandering the rails of the high street like Kathy calling for Heathcliff in the quest for said garment. Its longer at the back which is handy for covering the Mince Pie Top, formerly known as the Muffin Top, and has a round neck perfect for wearing with a collar or cape. I'mma look for the perfect denim shirt to wear with when I brave the sales next week...

It's the 30th now and I don't think I've taken it off since Christmas. Apart from when I went to bed. I'm not that disgusting, you dirty ticket.

Photo: Christmas cat THE jumper.The cat loves being dressed in tinsel. Honestly.

I also got a reallllllly cute dress that I wore on boxing day from H&M - its a bodycon, emerald green jersey affair with, for want of a more accurate description (and it pains me to type this), diamante on the shoulders.

But if you can't wear sequins and glitter on boxing night IN LIVERPOOL then when the hell can you?!

Now comes the NYE outfit conundrum, I have sparkly, purple tailored trousers (again, when in Rome...) and a black top that I think will work but haven't yet tried on together...should really do that before tomorrow night lest we experience the I Have Nothing To Wear hysterics and I drown my sorrows in Gin.

I'm also thinking of wearing some sort of statement lip things just 'coz it's a special occasion and doing some sort of Rockabilly/ 1940's victory roll with my hair

Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Winter's Coolest Hair and Makeup Looks

"Everything you can imagine is real" 
Pablo Picasso 

Happy 2013 readers 

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