Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I've been in London for two and a bit months now.

Today I had one of those nice moments, when a good song comes on your iPod and everything seems Ok with the world again.

Mine happened this morning, on the strangely deserted platform at Embankment, while waiting for the northern line southbound (I like to set the scene, y' know?)

So there I was, and as the train approached this song came on and I thought, yep. I like it here.

Does anyone else do that thing when listening to music that you imagine you're in a film and whatever's on your iPod is the soundtrack?
Especially on long train journeys.
Sometimes I even make up my own back story and character profile.


Just me?.......



  1. I find RnB songs are especially good for imagining one is in a turbulent, sexually charged relationship and sometimes I forget that I'm in public until people on the metro look at me strangely, and I realise I am pulling my 'I hate you but I love you' face and swishing my hair around dramatically...

  2. I make a film of my life in my head every time I put my iPod in.
    I especially love minimalism, perfect for a transitional-period-in-your-life montage.

    Liv x