Monday, 10 December 2012


Eating biscuits and watching (by watching I mean continually slagging off) Made In Chelsea is the perfect Monday night in.

We have a definite love hate relationship. Me and MIC that is. It makes me so angry but I just can't.stop.watching.

Oh how the other half live! And now they're 'slumming it' in Amsterdam, what larks!

I have a developed a worrying attachment to Jamie and a marginally less disturbing one to Francis. Apparently calling him Franny lad isn't acceptable, hmm.
I just loled at the thought of me and Francis going on a date.Can you imagine? I don't think he's ever met anyone from the North before, I think it'd be 'terribly frightful' to try and explain the concept of gegging in to someone as posh as him...


In other news me and my housemates got the Christmas party started by going to the German market on the river last weekend. I love Christmas just for the sheer fact that all the coffee chains bring out festive cups, and of course the artery clogging amount of chocolate we get to consume on a daily basis (don't judge me, there are Quality Street and Roses EVERYWHERE. It'd be rude not to)

 It was blaaady freezing. So my trusty mittens came out of hibernation as did the sheepskin. 

I love this mustard jumper from Next. It's SO warm and is definitely my 'chunky knit' (whenever I read those  two words together, as I frequently do in magazines, it makes me think of vomit...) of choice this winter. 

Here's my Christmas market outfit in all its technicolour glory. Four coats of red lipstick for extra warmth and an amazing over-sized leather doctors bag borrowed from my housemate, I'm awarding it the best charity shop find so far this year.

More comedy-slagging-off-MIC-gold from my friend;
"Whys Rosie even still in it?! she hasn't shagged anyone for ages!"

Aaaaaaaaand that's why I love Mondays.


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