Friday, 14 September 2012


(forgive me because this is a week old but I've no internet in my flat, so make yourself comfortable because over the coming days I shall hopefully be posting A LOT MORE from London Fashion Week. 
But first, a post about shoes...)

It’s the one and a half week anniversary of us moving into the new flat. How are we celebrating I hear you cry? By dipping biscuits in tea and watching ANOTHER season of SATC (don’t judge me, we haven’t sorted TV yet)

But all is well because I have a Very Important Meeting to attend at 9am so I couldn’t be doing any wild partying now could I? Worryingly it looks like I’ve become a grown up. Ish.
I am enjoying it though, interning with an online fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine type thing and I get to look at, and write about, clothes and shoes and bags and the occasional ‘up and coming’ DJ all day. It doesn’t really feel like work, more like I’m just writing my own blog. I’m praying to all manner of deities that I will actually get paid to do this one day soon…

You may have seen my previous post about New Shoes, lovely patent, creeper, loafer affairs. Turns out I am SO  in with my current choice of footwear as loafers are the shoe du jour, especially as Fashion Week approaches and womankind are finally coming to the realisation that heels are just not practical for running about in during the day. Thing is they look pretty good as well and go with just about every outfit; what kinda heel can put that on their CV?

However, with loafers, as with ballet pumps, there comes just one problem. And it’s sort of a deal breaker. AND I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. It’s inevitable – The Sweat Factor.
And by that I am referring to the age old equation, shoes + no socks = Massive Sweat Problem. As far as I’m aware no one is exempt from the MSP. There is no known cure. You can try pop socks (unsightly and ineffective) or foot/shoe sprays (short term solution) but I’m sure you will find that these things do little to alleviate the affliction.

So when in the office yesterday I was writing a piece about said loafers (check out the article here) and I couldn’t help but wonder; if you spend £500 on a pair of shoes will they still give you a MSP?
 I would be seriously annoyed if I paid obscene amounts of money for a pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty loafers (<3) only for them to smell like a student’s sweaty Toms a few weeks later. So what is the answer? I’m appealing to any scientists out there who would like join forces to tackle this, the most awkward of social problems (I mean you can never take your shoes off under the desk at work can you?!)
We can pitch it on dragons den and become overnight millionaires.




  1. MSP is my worst nightmare in Summer - when it's not appropriate to wear flipflops what else can you wear??!

    Thank God Boot Season is back!

    An English Boy in Biarritz

  2. Thank God indeed! Its all about socks from here on in :)