Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I wish I had more time to blog...that said I wish I had more time to do a lot of, learn how to use my camera properly, learn Spanish (or 're-learn' should I say), read all the books I keep saying I'm going to...the list, quite possibly, is endless.

In the last few weeks I have mostly found myself moving between three states of being; In Work, Drunk and Asleep.
Its a common phenomenon that usually occurs around this time of year, and has been well known to me and whoever I happen to be working behind a bar with at the time for the past 5 years. However, as I am soon to be moving to London to become a Real Person this may be the last summer I have the freedom to stay out drinking after work till 4am with no worries about the impending daylight or less importantly the 12 hour shift that looms on the in the knowledge that there will be unlimited coffee and some sort of free hangover snacks.

But heyy! who wants that when you can work in an office 9-5 and photocopy things till your hearts content?

I have also managed to fit in some (hilarious) salsa dancing, sweaty yogaing and (very limited) job appyling. But mainly the first three.

God its exhausting having a social life...

As the BIG MOVE draws ever nearer I have decided that this here blog will serve also as an account of its progress.
So, update #1 - new bedding and cushions have been purchased (red and cream in case you were wondering) but so far no accommodation my priorities in order, obvs.

Thrilling so far isn't it? Stay tuned.

BBC weather tells me that 'summer days' are on the way, if they finally do appear I'm going to buy a hat like this, wear prim summer dresses and dance with Fred Astaire.

 Considering the likelihood of the latter (as Fred Astaire is dead, for those of you who didn't know) shows my confidence in the Great British Summer.

But now that my hair has grown past porn star proportions*, fake moustaches I can do

Annnnnnnd here's one more just because I love her


*i.e past the nipples

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