Monday, 2 July 2012


What's wrong with you H&M? do you not want my custom? my hard earned cash that should be saved for a rainy day but instead I choose to squander dangerously in your haven of neon brights and playsuits?

So I saw a bright pink floor length skirt complete with an Angelina Joile esque thigh slit in a well known magazine's fashion shoot and thought ''. You may be forgiven for thinking it sounds like something from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, but it wasn't. Honestly. And best of all it was from only from H&M. huzzah! there is a God.

Woah, woah, woah woah Lois, this is not my batman cup.
Off I toddled to said high street store to purchase said item. At least that was the plan. They didn't have my size so I asked if they had it in the other H&M round the corner,

'No they don't have this collection in that store.'

Hmm. Could I order one instore maybe?

'No we don't do that'

Hmm. Perhaps it would be available online?

'We only sell a limited selection online, and its mainly just bikinis and summer dresses now.'

I hate to bad mouth you dearest H&M, especially after you served me so well when living in Spain by being the only decent clothes shop IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY but, seriously, sort it out.
Why can't we order in store? Why not have all the clothes in all the shops? Why not put stuff on the internet?!
Its like they were making it difficult for me on purpose. I do not care for this whilst shopping.

I had the perfect outfit planned and everything...bastards.

Howev's they have redeemed themselves somewhat by providing me with this faux leather skirt. I wore it at the weekend for a friends birthday with a simple grey tshirt and spiky silver necklace; so 'rock chick'. Not at all like Dorien from Birds of a Feather...

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