Friday, 20 July 2012


Carrie Bradshaw knows good sex. I know good socks.

 Ankle socks, not just for 5 year olds

Fearne Cotton is a fan, even if she is ever so slightly annoying in real life. At least she has good clothes. Swings and roundabouts...

I have these exact shoes. Corduroy platforms from Office. Comfiest heels ever. Not to be petty or anything...but I had them first #jussayin'

Despite some of my nearest and dearest being massive Radiohead fans I've never really had much time for them. I was definitely residing in the 'Radiohead = slit your wrists music' camp of thought until I was introduced to a few songs I'd never heard by my friend in work. I like nice songs with nice lyrics, to me its as important as the overall sound and why I don't have a particular genre of music that I really really love.
I can tell you some I really really hate though - heavy metal (its just shouting) and whatever dance remix crap scallies play on the back of the bus (think Scooter - logical song abarr a million times faster)

Where was I?..Radiohead...I like this line in particular;

Immerse your soul in love

How can such a line possibly be depressing?

AND for you lucky people who have read on this far here's another musical delight for you,

I first heard this guy when I was at Uni in Manchester, upstairs in a tiny little bar called Trof.
His voice was just as clear and amazing live as it sounds on this. I've been looking out for him ever since and discovered his you tube channel after reading an article about the debt album in this weeks Metro.

Like I said, the genre doesn't matter, as long as the music's good


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