Sunday, 10 June 2012


I'm not usually one for updating the world about my every move via my blog. To quote Georgia Nicholson, 'my life is a series of embarrassing incidents strung together with me telling you about those embarrassing incidents.' Ergo why I like to keep some pretence of cool where I can...however as it does say 'Fashion AND other ramblings', today you are going to get some of my 'other ramblings'. haha. With maybe a bit of fashion thrown in for good measure.

So after spending my first few months as an official 'real life person', i.e not a student, at home with the rents Up North I am now ready to fly the proverbial nest and MOVE OUT.
I will shortly be joining some of my bestest chums down in London for fun, frolics and maybe a job or something...

(sidebar - if anyone has any contacts/knows of anyone who would like to hire me for media/fashion/journalism related job roles, please feel free to!)

Until that glorious day when I become an official London resident, and mainly to stop my brain turning to mush from having to serve idiots in the restaurant all day, I have been 'expanding my creative talents', and FYI that doesn't mean just taking photos of flowers on Instagram (although there has been some of that...)

N.B. Instagram does not a photographer make. Let us all remember that. Something else we should never forget that I was reminded of on a recent trip to Marks & Spencer's shoe department;  kitten heels will NEVER be ok. If we ever forget that golden rule society as we know it will be doomed.
If I were David Cameron I'd be imposing stricter shoe making laws right about now #justsayin'

I am now officially a freelance journalist writing some festival previews for a local magazine and website, links to be posted soon, which means I get press privileges like free entry to gigs and *fingers crossed* festivals...
Last night I got to swerve the £8 entry fee (living the dream) to a hip hop gig in one of Liverpool's most unusual but undoubtedly coolest venues, Camp and Furnace.
It was possibly one of the strangest gigs I've been to in a long time, with a battle between improvised beat boxing and a flute taking place in a renovated 'indoor festival' warehouse complete with camper vans and trees. Definitely worth a look. Apparently they also do a good breakfast.

I have also been getting bussyyy with my sewing machine and making collars. As you all know I can't resist a good collar. The plan is to sell them soon at a local vintage fair and possibly via this here blog if all goes to plan.

It's a work in progress...

I have also been re-customising Rhianna style with some studs on my previously customised Levi's;

Oh and did I mention I love Instagram?
I love Instagram.


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