Monday, 18 June 2012


So I'm interning today at the film office right now, reading scripts (which are mainly very, very bad) and supposedly writing reports on them. Now, don't get me wrong I like writing but only when its about something interesting, not when I have to fill at least 3 pages with a report that could easily be summed up by the singular sentence, 'This is shit. Do not read'. My bad, two sentences. You get the gist from the first one though.

To entertain myself I'm reading blog posts from The Scouse Bible and loling discreetly into my tea. Which ironically is in a Crunchie mug with the slogan 'Get that Friday feeling!' written on it when it is only Monday. Bah Humbug. There may be many a thing (good and bad) said about the people of Liverpool but there is no denying that we are, on the whole, a proper sound lot and dead funny. If you've never experienced this kind of humour get to Liverpool now. If this is not logistically possible follow @JesusChristFTM on twitter and you will see what I mean.
Unless you are offended should just stick to my posts for further witty (ish) examples.

One thing I have been thinking about as the sun attempts to crack the flags this summer and the scouse bible has so rightly condemned is this; boys who wear vests. I feel a simple 'WHY?!' is all that is needed to sum this one up followed by a 'burn the vest and we'll never speak of it ever again'.
I don't think they can EVER look good. With the possible exception of Jude Law during the pool scene in Alfie...but the rest of the male population take note: you are not, and never will be, Jude Law. And even then I'm only letting him off because its in a purely dramatised scenario, if I saw him in the Asda perusing for BBQ goods it'd put me right off my shopping.

Strange semi paracetamol induced rant over (self medicating for tooth ache AND man flu) in other news I am also mainly looking at pictures of Miranda Kerr and wanting to be her. She looks a-may-zing in her debut for British Vogue here;


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