Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Bloody looks like it too. My skin is misbehaving at the moment. BIG TIME. I'm having the worst breakout in the history of time. In fact, since before the dawn of time. THAT's how bad it is.
Thank you God for the lovely people at Clinique and their magic potions allowing me to leave the house without people running away from me in the street screaming.

Although they do all wear white coats so you feel a bit like a specimen in a lab. Especially when they call over another skinologist for a second opinion:/

Ho hum pigs bum wrap it up in chewing gum.

My plan for immediate hibernation was rumbled by an impromptu visit to the theatre last night to see our actorrr friend in Henry V at the Liverpool playhouse. And very good it was too! Even better when we got freebie tickets 'cause we know one of the cast. It was all very exciting and glamorous until we had to decant our drinks (Martini Rosso, classy birds us) into a plastic beaker, thus shattering the illusion somewhat.

After some first class Shakespearean/Hip-hop dancing, post show bevs were obviously required so I took my band of merry men to experience the delights of Santa Chupitos.
Chupito! Chupito! Chupito! Which translated means, 'Shot! Shot! Shot!' Bit o' culture for you there readers, theatre AND foreign languages! You are spoiling us Ambassador...
Its a really cool little place which does amazing cocktails, my personal favourites being 'When Lola met Brando' and their signature '5 Dollar Shakes' that are served in old milk bottles. They've got a new menu coming soon for the warmer months so HURRY UP sun because I want to drink peach daiquiri's from a frozen pineapple.

Here is my insiders guide for any incoming visitors to Liverpool;
  1. Go and see Henry V at the Playhouse
  2. Have cocktails at Santa Chupitos
I SUPPOSE it'd be a shame to not see the cathedrals/museums/Albert docks/Beatles shizzle if you are planning a trip. Just be sure to fit theatre and cocktails in there too. If you don't I shall be very upset:( and no one wants that on their conscious.

urrrrgggggghhhhhhh too much cherry coke and Disaronno is catching up with me now. Why does my body refuse to let me sleep any later that 8am whenever I don't have to be in work?? WHY YOU DO THIS?! So I thought I'd write seeing as I'm awake, previously bright eyed and bushy tailed, now slightly delirious.
The scouse taxi driver was literally baffled that a southerner didn't know what a chukky egg was. Haha

Sooo fashion yeahhh....seeing as my skin has been utterly crapperthancrap recently I've been feeling all grungy and like a moody teenager.
Reflecting this in my 90's grunge inspired outfit choices and listening to Alanis Morisette

Nose ring, flannel shirt, neon nails and a gold Casio. Step away guys, I've got this one covered. Keeping it in the 21st century with a Topshop chain mail & spikes body chain; looks cool, nightmare to go to the toilet in when worn over a playsuit.  

I also rocked leather leggings and boots AT THE THEATRE last night (you've got to get your kicks where you can these days...) hoping I might get mistaken for part of Titania Inglis' latest collection, instead my friend told me I looked like a lesbian.



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