Thursday, 17 May 2012


Let us get this out of the way first: I LOVE CHARLOTTE FREE.


Now if you've been reading Vogue or have visited Topshop recently (and if you haven't, WHY haven't you?!) Mary Katrantzou is a name you're probably familiar with. Her modern take on 'old lady' florals has been a massive hit on the catwalk and her capsule collection for Topshop was one of the most anticipated high street-designer collaborations OF ALL TIME (I don't know what's with all the capitals today, feeling a tad DRAMATIC)

Where was I?....yep MK has revamped the print and has managed to make head to toe floral look cool. Wear with caution though if you're not of Charlotte Free proportions, the trick is to try and not look like a lampshade.

So, thanks to the revival of all things flowery the high street has gone mad for prints too. Even George at Asda is getting in on it! I found these little beauties last week and I'd only popped out for milk
£14 George @ Asda. Put them on your shopping list

Worn with a plain tshirt or subtle crop top makes for the perfect summer, Mary Katrantzou inspired, outfit. Now all we need is the weather...take me on holiday someone?

I'll be taking mine to Amsterdam at the weekend, fingers crossed its sunny and that the graphic print doesn't cause too much trouble for those experiencing the side affects of magic mushrooms...

Here's a worrying thought; I always write when I've been out for a few bevvies the night before..I hope I'm not destined to become a raging alcoholic like Ernest Hemmingway.

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.
That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

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