Monday, 9 April 2012


Parisian Easter's are the best. Jesus has risen, chocolate eggs for breakfast and my BFF makes us
Pimms jelly

Yummy scrumbos and also scrummy yumbos

I'm feeling very much like Georgia Nicholson today. Sort of like my brain has fallen out and that my skirt is more than likely stuck in my knickers. I think I have Paris-lag...
So, seeing as I have reverted back to my 14 year old self I shall mostly not be worrying about money, jobs, what to do with my life or any other so called 'important' stuff this week, but about my next outfit (actually, that one is DEFINATELY important) rapid eyebrow re-growth and how to get out of accepting my dad as a friend on facebook.
Ach. Parents. why you get facebook? As such I am now AWOL from this particular social networking site. Others are available.

Once again Paris is as lovely as ever. It makes me want to be all chic and stylish. I'm thinking of investing in a mac, I've already got my eye on one from Miss Selfridge. #mustsavedollar

Here are my stylish friends just chillin' amongst the rooftops of Paz...

Now when I saw the copious amounts of pastel to hit the S/S 12 collections earlier this year I by no means thought, 'Oh how cute! candy stripes and fluffy kittens!' not that I'm a goth or anything but I generally have an aversion to pale pink and lilac. One day a therapist will uncover some horrific memory that I have locked away in my subconscious as the reason for this. Probably involving pedal pushers... I digress, this minty green lacy number is tres bon and fits perfectly with all that 'spring is in the air' stuff. Makes a nice change to the LBD. Infact I would go as far to say it is my colour du jour. 

I bloody love bows. On anything and everything. This Dress is cuter than that pink pokemon all the girls wanted to catch even though it had crap powers. I love tea dresses, especially ones with buttons or bows, perfect for spring worn with tights and a cardi et voila! instant summer ready outfit.

One of the bestest things about meeting up with the beavers is laughing A LOT and being introduced to the endless hilarious posibilities of the internet.
David Thorne of 27bslash6 is boss.
As is this twitter page ScouseBirdProbz.
"Saving all ya River Island bags to take your PE kit to school in". It's funny because its true. And apparently just a Liverpool thing. Oh Liverpool, je t'aime.

 There's nothing not to love about me. I'm lovely

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