Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I've been adverse to the ol' centre parting for some years now as it brings back nightmarish memories of being a particularly un-fashionable year 7 (think braces, caterpillar eyebrows and Clarks shoes. It's bringing me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it) but as of the last few weeks I have been sporting a middle parting and, thankfully, looking marginally better with it than my 12 year old self.

However, imagine my abject HORROR upon discovering in the latest issue of Company that the middle part is out and the sidey is back. Quick! pass the hairspray! I've made a faux pas!

Or not.

For me fashion is about wearing what you feel comfortable in, what makes you look good and feel good about yourself and not being a slave to what the 'fashionistas' (I hate that word with a passion) say is 'in'.


Wear what you want not what other people tell you to! I like to write about what I like.
Decide whats 'in' for the season yourself.
At the moment I'm enjoying collars with graphic print sweatshirts and sequinned capes, I will probably not be buying any silk, paisley print pjama-esque trousers. Even if they are S/S 12's 'hottest look'.

Balls to that.
Don't get me wrong, I like the catwalk shows and reading fashion magazines. But its good to put your own spin on things, get inspiration from other places/people/things/era's ...Don't wear things that make you uncomfortable because its in fashion, you'll look 100 times better if you choose your own style and wear it with confidence:)

This week I've been introduced to Howlin' Wolf;

Listening to some blue grass, contemplating a new tattoo inspired by a herbal tea and experimenting with 1940's Rockabilly pin curls.

'He who hesitates is a damned fool'


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