Wednesday, 2 January 2013


This is the first year I have been alive that has four different digits.

If you spend more than five minutes (the time I spent checking the validity of my previous statement) pondering this sentiment and find it to be flawed then please, keep it to yourself.


Woooo! New Year! New Me! New You! I've been to the gym four times already this week and drank gallons of lemon and wheatgrass detoxifying juice!


Things I hate 874: people making you feel bad via social networking sites.
I don't care about your New Years resolutions, nor am I interested that you're actually following them through. Some of us are still eating Terry's Chocolate orange for breakfast and have no interest in getting the running shoes out* ergo I shall not be 'liking' any of your updates henceforth.
This mini ramble is of course just a transparent attempt to make myself feel better that I'm not 'detoxing' and haven't stopped eating the Christmas chocolate. But I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and would be deeply disappointed if I hadn't finished off all the Ferrero Rochers...

I would also be disappointed because I wouldn't have chance to wear my NEW boots and NEW dress. Had a nice little shopping trip with la madre and my Christmas vouchers today. Haven't got a camera to hand/a cable to upload photos anyway so here are my latest purchases, sin me;

Denim smock dress Topshop £38
I had a nose around the sales and it was a toss up between this and a cute denim pinafore but as my Mince Pie Top made a rather rude appearance in the pinafore this smock dress won. 
Good work, smock dress. 

I feel like I'm probably going to be wearing this a lot...its easy to dress up with a big necklace or down with my ankle boots and woolly socks. 
Casual samosa like. 
Leather buckle western ankle boot, New Look £54.99
These are my new booties:) I realllly wanted a pair of Chelsea boots with a little heel but alas alack my ankles resemble those of Olive Oil which means without a buckle or zip they fall off my feet.
I know right? first world problems... but then I found these baby's which has made up for my lack of ankle fat.
Perhaps I could syphon some off from my bum...

And if you are thinking 'but those items are full price! FULL PRICE YOU FOOL' then never fear because a) I had vouchers and b) I got a pair of creepers that I've secretly wanted for many moons but have been ridiculed for liking by my brother and his 'death to hipsters' mantra for 10 squid. So rest easy dear reader, money was indeed saved.

Well, not really because I could have left them on the shelf and had £10 more in my purse but YOLO and all that...

*after a brief foray into the world of running a few months ago I was able to confirm what I have deep down, always known: I hate running

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